Saturday, 30 January 2010

Movie Review: Hachiko (5*)

Warning: Bring Tissue

OK, i'm biased cos i find the dog super cute... Golly, i teared when I watched the trailer... i like the Japanese trailer because the theme song is nice. wonder if i can buy from i-tunes... 忘れないよ wasurenaiyo means "Don't forget" and the Japanese title 約束の犬 yakusoku no inu means "A committed dog". 約束 yakusoku means commitment or promise.

it was heart-wrenching watching the movie man... with the dog going back to the station EVERY evening at 5pm for NINE YEARS to wait for his deceased master. i cried so much that my sinuses are inflamed, i have sore throat and migraine >.<

Dog/animal lovers or pet owners MUST watch this.