Friday, 1 January 2010

Nice Buns

Wow, pochacco intro me to these buns that i find very tasty for mass-produced buns. They're sunshine's softmeal cranberry raisin buns and i had them with chicken mayo, sliced tomato and lettuce.


Make sure lettuce is dry (yes, i have a thing about wet lettuce -.-). Slice tomatoes (tomatoes are good as they provide some moisture so that the sandwich is not too dry). For chicken mayo, you'll need boneless chicken breast fillet strips (neh, those one packet got 5-6 one). rinse the chicken. Bring about 500ml of water to boil. add chicken, turn off flame, cover and let it sit for 15-20 mins (depending on how much strips you put in. if you put too long it will become tough). remove the chicken with a fork and shred. throw away the "tendon" end. add pinch of salt, black pepper and mayo (i use Japanese mayo) and mix well.

cut the buns across (horizontally). butter each half. assemble chicken, tomato and lettuce (put tomato in the centre so that it doesn't touch the buns otherwise the bread may turn soggy. toast a little to crisp the crust (i prefer a sandwich press cos it makes the outside krrrrr... crisp and inside slightly warm).

i guess you can add avocadoes too since they go well with chicken and will probably give a nice creamy texture but it will be a very unstable sandwich cos the buns are very small hahaha.

you can prepare this at night, refrigerate it and bring to the office for lunch =) just pop it into the oven to warm the bread. if you're not using a sandwich press, you may want to wrap it in baking paper so that you don't get chaotah outside but cold cold inside.

enjoy =)