Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Old Is Gone, The New Has Come

as my new still-very-shy 7D (his name is "shichi-kun" meaning "little 7" (shichi-chan is more difficult to pronounce then shichi-kun la)) peeks from behind his box to explore the unfamiliar surroundings, i have to pack my 400D for re-sale and it's rather heart-breaking =(

yes, it's time to say goodbye to my beloved 400D =( although people think he's just an entry level camera, we have spent a good 3 years and shared many happy memories together =)

The first photo i editted using Lightroom ^^

I took part in a Hort Park Photography Exhibition (I think Quentin took part too) and was thrilled to see my photo in their gallery. I remembered I took Mr Tee and CC to see =)

we explored many firsts in Perth

[photo courtesy of Eunice]

and macro in Phuket

we climbed the steps of Angkor Wat

and captured the colours of Malacca

We basked in the warm glow of the evening sun in Koh Samui

and felt the winds kiss our cheeks in Iwakuni

we saw sun rise in kyoto

and the sun set in Bali

we strolled along the river in Kinugawa

and admired the sacred bridge in Nikko

we breathed in the fragrance of the furano blooms

and savoured ramen in Hakata

we adored the vibrant colours

and the friendly deers of Miyajima

we took a cruise around kujukushima

and a boat ride in Huis Ten Bosch

we ate kurobuta in kagoshima

and drank puffer fish tail sake in osaka

we appreciated the beautiful gardens of Nara

and the serenity of Arashiyama

we celebrated the union of Meoto-iwa

and the magnificence of Takayama

we endured the hike up shiroyama

and the cold of shirakawa

we got to know Mozart better in Salzburg

we remembered the victims of war in Hiroshima

and the Jews in Dachau

we almost fainted in the lourve

and almost died scaling Notre Dame

we enjoyed quiet moments by the Alpsee

and chased a bumble bee in Germany

I will miss my 400D... after carrying the 7D for like 5 mins, the 400D felt more like a toy but still, he will always be my first camera =) 我的第一個 i have grown to know the dial and buttons so well that i don't even need to take my eyes off the viewfinder to get what i want...

as i was writing this post, i teared... i will really miss my first camera and then it occured to me, i want to thank someone... chris =) thanks dear, for the camera... without which i could not have captured all those special moments i spent with you =)