Thursday, 14 January 2010

Oriental Vegetables

i just came back from church meeting so i am freaking tired but since i belong to type A personality, i need to prove something (even if it's trivial) otherwise i cannot sleep...

I was very very pek cek today trying to explain the difference between the two types of chinese spinach, kang kong and sweet potato leaves to some people... *grumble grumble* >.<

from what i know, there are 3 kinds of spinach available in singapore.

the "ang mo" kind which is usually just small leaves with very short stems. "ang mo" spinach can be eaten raw and people use them in salads (and pls spin dry hor!) *ROAR!*

i believe the spinach that popeye eats is the ang mo type.

there are two types of chinese spinach, the long straight kind (puay leng in hokkien and pu-air leng in teochew) and the curly kind (commonly known as yin choy in cantonese, heng cai in hokkien or hoi cai in teochew). pu-air leng sometimes come in short variants which i find nicer. hoi cai sometimes come with tinge of purple on the leaves.

pu-air leng and kang kong (aka water convolvulus) BOTH have hollow stems. hoi cai have stems that need to be "peeled", just like sweet potato leaves do. but some people don't peel hoi cai stems, they just cut them. well, i like them peeled, like sweet potato leaves.

BUT KANG KONG and PU-AIR LENG ARE DIFFERENT (although they both have hollow stems)!!! and sweet potato leaves and hoi cai are different!!! kang kong and sweet potato leaves are usually sauteed with sambal chilli (the thais also cook kang kong with garlic, chilli and bean paste) whereas pu-air leng and hoi cai are sauteed with garlic and soy sauce or oyster sauce. hoi cai is also commonly cooked with three kinds of eggs (egg, century egg, salted egg)

still not convinced ha? here are the photos.

pu-air leng raw

pu-air leng cooked

hoi cai raw

hoi cai cooked (what JT ate today is hoi cai... and she prob didn't peel the stems)

hoi cai purple

kang kong raw

kang kong cooked

sweet potato leaves raw

sweet potato leaves cooked

in summary, they are different types of vegetables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ROAR*

it's true, pu-air leng have hollow stems (i will bring one to convince you tmr)

and yes, prawn mee soup have kang kong. next time i take photo show you


i hope what i have written is correct and accurate... now i can go sleep liao... *ROAR*