Thursday, 7 January 2010


Ah yo... did you read on STOMP that a bikini-clad girl was openly molested by at least 4 men at the countdown at siloso beach but NO ONE helped her??? read more here.

ah yo, use backside to think also will know that pretty girls who wear skimpy bikinis to such crowded events alone with many strangers around sure get groped one... it's different if you're with your boyfriend or husband (provided he looks like a bouncer... wimpish-looking ones also no pah kay ha) who can ward off these perverts. i mean, it's crowded... you're wearing so little... you don't know them they don't know you... they can "accidentally" bump into you you also wouldn't know right... haiyo, best is don't go to such events la. watch fireworks with fambly at heartlands better. safe. talking about fireworks in heartlands i have something to say in the next post haha...

even in Japan, office girls dressed modestly in office attire get groped in crowded trains... so, what more if you're at a crowded party in a bikini right...? sometimes when i take crowded buses or trains alone i also try to be alert because pervs have many ways to "get some thrill" and they can act blur and say "sorry sorry" and glare at whoever, pretending that someone pushed them. ah kim (my masseuse) says girls should try not to doze off on trains or buses because pervs will try to touch you. she once witnessed a girl get "molested" on MRT but she wasn't even aware of it cos she was asleep. the guy beside her opened his leg wide wide so that his left thigh rubbed against her right thigh (she was wearing short skirt or shorts la). really cheap thrill one... yeo siu... so ah kim went to wake her up... It's really hard to tell whether it's deliberate or accidental.

But even if she was dressed like that, they are way too blatant and disgusting. What's more shocking to me about the siloso beach incident is that no one offered to help her... instead, they were taking photos and video-ing it. i mean, i'd be scared to confront the guys myself cos i'm a girl but if i'm a guy, i'd probably offer to help or at least alert the authorities so that they can stop it... that said... where were the police or security personnels???

Shocking and sad... haiz...