Friday, 1 January 2010


i reminded chris...

me: dear, new year's day got steamboat dinner with pris n grace they all ha...
chris: ha??? but i got ICT (in-camp training)!!!
me: ha????
chris: need to fall in by 9pm.
me: how come new year's day got reservist??? how can they be so insensitive????!!!! >.< then you have a quick dinner then go lor =(((
chris: er... ok, as long as i can be at the computer by 845pm...
me: what computer???

then it suddenly dawned on me... the christmas card he sent to his ex-colleague...

me: DEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! you want to play computer games!!!!!!!
chris: company of heroes fall in at 9pm ma... hehehe =D sent SAF 1000h le cannot anyhow AWOL one =DDDD