Sunday, 31 January 2010

Pure Juice vs Juice DRINK

ok peeps, pls get this right. all those PEEL FRESH drinks are NOT fresh juices. in fact, any carton/bottle with the words "JUICE DRINK" contain loads of sugar, even if they print "no ADDED sugar". it just means it already contains loads of sugar so they didn't have to ADD more. check the ingredients list... words to look out for are sucrose/fructose etc... these are just sophisticated names for SUGAR. "from concentrate" is also not good enough because you do not know what's inside the concentrate.

so only go for "pasteurised freshly squeezed orange juice" or "100% apple juice".

actually hor, buy from fruit juice stall better... and make sure they don't add sugar. better still, just eat the fruit la cos when you consume juices, you actually take in more sugar then if you eat the fruit. this is because we will usually feel full after one apple but to make a cup, you need about 2.5 apples... you do the math. plus, you loose out on the fibre...

so, pls don't gong gong-ly buy peel fresh thinking it's fresh hor. It's FAR FROM FRESH.