Saturday, 16 January 2010

Singaporean Drivers

After driving for almost a year, I have identified a few groups of irritating drivers...

1. The S.H.M (Simple Harmonic Motion) one
These are the ones who cut here cut there zhioop from left to right and back to left then right again... If you trace the aerial view of their path, machiam like sine curve.

2. The HORNY one
They are the ones who must horn at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. u neh step accelerator immediately after light turns green they must horn... you neh speed they also must horn... you want to change lane they don't let you change also horn.

You can hear them before they arrive and still hear them after they leave. usually in a heavily mod-ed car with high spoilers and vroom super loudly one.

these irritating drivers cannot make up their minds which lane/lot to be in. they travel ON the dotted line or park in two lots.

5. The HAOLIAN one
beemer b*st*rds, arrogant audis etc... those big big expensive car drivers who think their grandfather owns the roads.

these are the ones who bully P-platers because last time when they were P-platers they kena bullied by others so now they take revenge.

7. The EM-ZAI-SEE (Don't know die) one
The reckless types who practise MAD (mutually assured destruction) if you don't give in. they want to cut in last minute means want to cut in. ngeh ngeh lai one.

8. The KIAM SIAP (stingy) one
Those who stop in front of ERP gantry at 6:29pm and cause a traffic jam.

9. The KAY POH (busybody) one
Those who slow down to see car plate numbers of accident cars.

10. The PEE KAH CHNG (smell backside) one