Sunday, 17 January 2010

Visit to the Vet

That day I found a drop of blood on the floor near West and Claire's toilet and told chris. He was so kancheong and checked their bodies for any wounds or bleeding but could not find any so we brought them to see the vet and do a general check. we usually bring them to The Animal Doctors at ang mo kio. they vets there are very good with small animals. there's a nother vet at Namly Clinic that's very good too but AMK is much nearer to our home.

they were sooooo cute and docile... ah yo such good actors (at home they're tyrants!) hahaha while at the vet, i snapped a few pictures with my i-phone =)

here's west in his signature "underexposed" pose

vet checking west's "boy boy" (which is the size of a cooked green bean LOL)

vet checking claire's heartbeat

Claire posing for photo

vet checking claire's "girl girl"

she didn't find anything abnormal except a broken nail on claire's left paw which seems to have healed by itself. her guess is that claire might have been sprinting around the house and didn't "brake" in time, rammed into the wall and broke her nail, hence causing some bleeding. hahaha rabbits can be quite dumb sometimes LOL they'd miscalculate their speed and skid around... the thought of that just tickles me =D

oh, the vet weighted them and they lost about 10% of their weight each and are now in the ideal range so that's great =) the diet worked!