Sunday, 28 February 2010

Disgusting Neighbours

*flail arms into the air and ask heaven* WHY DO I HAVE SUCH DISGUSTING NEIGHBOURS????!!!! *kring krong! thunder and lightning plus single cloud rain on me*

ya, some of my neighbours are v uncivilised, inconsiderate and gross. i blogged about pee smell at the void deck here. then there are other neighbours who leave their garbage EVERYWHERE except in the chute. see this coke can? the A.H. who finished it just left it IN THE LIFT!!! *slap forehead*

and this, i couldn't believe my eyes... on the ground between the carpark and lift landing... sanitary pad wrapper. super gross la >.< ok, it could have been worse... if you know what i mean...

Friday, 26 February 2010


tenki wa totemo atsui desu

that's how you say, "weather is damn hot" in japanese...

=PPPPPP do you guys feels it??? it's been so super hot that i'm practically soaked through... and mind you, there are still people (like me) who work in non air-con environments >.<||| yeah, although my office is air-conditioned, my work "habitat" is only partially equipped with air-con so if you suay suay, you will kena the non air con venue AAAHHHH!!!! i constantly worry about unglam sweat stains >.<

and it doesn't help that the office is freakin cold then when you step out it's freakin hot and you walk in walk out everyday... it's a matter of time before we fall sick. what makes it worse is the burnt smell in the air and the haze... super bad for health =PPP

i don't want to imagine how it will be like when my nieces grow up... the world temperature is climbing. i don't remember it ever being so unbearably hot when i was young.

about two weeks ago, the heatwave in brazil killed 32 elderly.... read more here. so scary... better drink more water cos heatstroke is no joke er, can die one.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Taiwanese Drama Review: Down With Love (4*)

i don't know about you but i am hooked cos ella is very cute and jerry yen looks simply too gorgeous... slurp!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bad Pick-up Line =P

chris is not a fan of children, no matter how cute they are. i rmb him being more interested in scruffy the dog than my nieces when we visited them last time (before scruffy became my in-laws' dog)

That day my girlfriends and their families came and i was in the kitchen while chris was outside "entertaining". he tried to make conversation with one of my girlfriends' kid Sarah...

chris: so.. what subjects do you take?
sarah: o.O???

thing is, sarah is in PRIMARY ONE!!!!

what do you mean "what subjects do you take?" math english chinese science and PE la!!! *slap forehead!*

LOL but my girlfriend's husband encouraged chris and said, "eh, he tried la... at least he tried to make conversation with sarah =)"

hahahaha so funny

Monday, 22 February 2010

Food Review: Tian Tian Chicken Rice (4.5*)

i better start blogging about hawker food because my colleagues seem to think i am v high class. pochacco says i always blog about food i eat that cost a lot LOL eh, i feel so misunderstood... i am a heartlander neh. i live in a HDB flat in a heartland... an ulu heartland somemore hahaha. well, when i commented that i don't like to eat in food courts, my colleagues were like, "o.O??? then you always eat in restaurants??" see, once again, i have been misunderstood tsk tsk tsk... we are civil servants who live in HDB flats tsk tsk tsk... what i meant was we would rather eat in hawker centres such as maxwell or bedok food centre cos we think most food court food sucks (with the exception of maybe yu kee, koh kee and a handful of others). we also like hock lam beef and beach road prawn mee that kind of eateries.

so anyway, after church we wanted to eat at our usual teochew porridge place (think pig's trotters... =DD) at maxwell but it was closed so we had tian tian chicken rice instead. the Q was super long la... but we felt it was worth the wait cos the chicken meat was succulent, tender and delicous and the rice very flavourful. the chilli complemented the meat very well. at $18 for two portions of chicken hind (drums + the thigh), veg and rice, it's much cheaper than boon tong kee. i don't like boon tong kee's "ang mo" look now, with pyramide-shaped rice, black table cloth and ferrero rocher -.- i think ferrero rocher after chicken rice is sooooo salah!!

oh, we had five star chicken rice on CNY 1st day opp beauty world and the meat was so tough >.< yuck!

so here's what we ordered from tian tian

and what's left =P only left the xiao bai cai stem bottoms

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cute Children

haha, my girlfriends came for lunch today and their children are really cute... didn't get to take a picture of sarah but sonia (indian-chinese) is so well-trained. you point a camera at her and say, "sonia, look here!" and she flashes a sweet smile with a slight tilt of the head... cutez... sonia is 4 days younger than my nieces.

danielle (in pink) likes the gong xi gong xi pose. haha. cutez...

every time i see them and my cute nieces, i want to have kids LOL

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Geylang East Home For the Aged

my company is big on community outreach so on fri, my whole company stopped work so that all staff can go and do some community work. my dept chose geylang east home for the aged and although we were really sincere in going there to enrich their lives, we were really too busy to rehearse our "programme" =P so we were a little "kalang kabok" and impromptu but it was still a very enriching time for us and we hope the residents and day care old folks had fun =)

i was supposed to be emcee cum solo performer but the night before, my throat hurt quite bad so i swallowed (like zoe tay) a satchet of pearl powder. in the morning, it didn't get better. in fact, my sinuses were inflamed too so i swallowed another satchet of pearl powder >.< i tried to practise teresa teng's "the moon represents my heart" and "sweet honey honey" in the car but my voice was a bit blocked... and my sinuses from my right eye down to the tip of my nose were burning >.<

so anyway, i kinda endured and still sang... heng ah, their sound system was not v good and there were enough overly-enthu uncles who loved to sing so i gladly passed them the mic =D somehow in the middle of it all, i forgot i was in pain until the whole event ended and i went back to sit in my car... i felt my sinuses throbbing again.

here're some pics (i'm too tired to edit, sorry -.-) i took when i was not emcee-ing and singing.

yvonne and uncle

meiling chatting with aunties

vincent serving fruit =)

june helping to distribute yusheng

hui mien trying to persuade old man (who refuses to eat) to eat

when the staff of the home saw hui mein feeding the uncle, she told the uncle, "uncle, cannot feed ha. no one should be served here. you cannot depend on others, you must learn to depend on yourself." which surprised us but we learnt something. at the home, they teach the old folks to be independent so these old uncles and aunties follow some programme everyday and at meal times, they'd just report and sit at their assigned seats for the meal. when they're done, they'd bring the trays to the wash area. very systematic.

i also learnt that lime green polo tee is a very bad idea for photos >.< and worse when you have a MASS of lime green polo tees... as shown below in the korean restaurant we went to for lunch. the yellow wall didn't help =P

the set meal people look ghastly LOL i think the buffet people looked better (i mean colour-wise... don't be so sensitive k?)

Friday, 19 February 2010

Doraemon Fishcakes ^^

hehehe i saw these fishcakes at meidiya just now and somehow they reminded me of my colleague CC (i wonder why... =D) so i bought one pack of two. haven't figured out what to cook yet... it's just v cute =D maybe cook chawanmushi or miso soup =D any other suggestions??

Thursday, 18 February 2010


i am super tired but i am waiting for chris to vacate his PC so that i can use it for work... so may as well blabber a little on my blog

despite my appearance, i am an old-fashioned person... i am one of those who still sleep with ang baos under my pillow for 15 days of the lunar new year because it makes me feel loved by my family. these ang baos are given by my mummy, mum-in-law, chris' ah ma and chris =) and on the 15th day, i will cook 湯圓 tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) and eat them with chris. after that i will happily unwrap the ang baos and =DDD

i must spring-clean the house before new year and put up CNY decor in and outside the house. i like to wear traditional cheongsam for visitations and i make chris wear the guy version too hahaha.

as the society progresses, i think it's important for us to continue with these traditions so that the next generation can follow them...

oh but wait, we have no kids! what next generation??

haha, but still, i think it's nice to follow tradition unless it's against my religious beliefs... yeah, i am an old-fashioned cheenapok at heart =)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Movie Review: True Legend (4*)

Although the plot felt disjoint into two parts, i found the story engaging and fight sequences splendid (but there were times i had to watch them through the gaps between my fingers cos they were too violent for me). Vincent Zhao's moves are really swift and smooth which i like and the romance between Zhou Xun (whom i think is the prettiest China actress) and him is very sweet. It's a great couple movie - fighting for the guy, romance for the girl =) I cried buckets when Su wanted to give his son away to his friend because he could not take care of him... it was torrents of tears and continuous nose-blowing *sobs* Half a packet of tissue gone... same for the aunty beside me... she was blowing her nose away too... The bad guy Andy On was scary >.< so pale must be never drink yomeishu.

Worth watching especially if you like Vincent Zhao.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Wink Of An Eye

Golly Golly Golly, children grow up so fast and change so fast as they grow... all my cute cute nephews and nieces (cousins' kids) are all grown up become not cute liao (sec 3 you say cute anot? >.<). my eldest nephew (he is the eldest in his generation, i am the youngest in my generation) is married liao -.- i feel old. when you are served tea by the next generation at weddings, you know age is catching up... that day i met Melvin my nephew at IKEA he botak head cos has to go back for reservist... hehehe.

so i went back to look at my nieces' photos and boy, have they changed!

this is gwyneth about one month after birth (10 May 2008) Gasp, she already had that pout!! hahaha! love her padawan gwyneth jedi get-up hehe

about 2 months old (12 Jun 2008) kirstyn's (left) hair still anti-gravity LOL

CNY 2009 (25 Jan 2009) Gwyn in gold Kir in red

outside Imperial Treasures at Great World City gwyn left kir right (5 Apr 2009)

1 year old birthday (18 Apr 2009) my fav solo pics of the two of them ^^

Random day (5 Oct 2009)

gwyneth and kirstyn this CNY (13 Feb 2010)

before you know it, i'd be drinking their bridal tea and watching a slideshow of these photos at their wedding liaoz hahaha... but first my kor has to screen their boyfriends (which i am sure he is not looking forward to) LOL

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Family Photos

gwyneth (left) and kirstyn (right). gwyneth likes to pout her lips hahaha...

CNY is a time when everyone comes together...

here's my mum and ichiban kawaii nieces =)

i LOVE the following pic... i actually cropped it haha cos gwyneth and my mum were doing donno what =P kirstyn had 2 mosquito bites on her left cheek which looked like pimples =( so i digitally erased them hahaha... i wanted to use this as my FB profile pic but couldn't fit both our faces into the thumbnail =(

and here's my 100-yr old grandma born in 1909 (WOW!!!). she is v cute. kept asking us to eat this eat that scared we starve but we were like stuffed >.< from all the cookies and chapalang things we ate elsewhere hahaha... grandmas are like that... they show their love by feeding you =D she is hard of hearing so we have to go near her and SHOUT, "AH MA!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!" which i find funny cos it's like we're v rude hahaha... she likes taking photos and will sit straight and pose nicely...

she sat there and got ready but chris was taking so long to press the i-phone so she kinda made noise LOL

and here's my grandma with my nieces =) almost one century apart (101-2=99) coolz!!

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Chinese New Year Decor

I don't really buy Chinese New Year decor because i prefer to make them myself. See the 福 fu (prosperity) on a fish on the wall? I printed out the picture from the internet and cut it with a penknife =)

Here's how you can make a 3-D 春 chun (Chinese character for "spring")

i tried to draw a pictorial explanation so hope it's clearer hahaha

First, cut a square piece of ang bao paper. Usually i just use the front piece and cut out a square (it's usually a rectangle right?) the back piece cannot be used. using ang bao paper is nice because it has designs.

1. Make fold lines as shown. You should put the paper with the white side facing you then fold the diagonal. when you fold the diagonal, you should see the red side.
2. Turn over the paper so that the red side faces you and make fold lines as shown.
3. Gather the step 2 lines and you should get this shape with 4 "petals"
4. Fold all the petals to one side to form a right angled triangle.
5. Follow the pattern and cut away all the black parts.
6. Open up your chun.

You should get a 3-D cut out with 4-faces, each with a chun.

Repeat steps 1-6 as many times as you need (with different coloured ang bao paper... i used red and gold. actually pink and orange will be nice too ^^) to decorate your pussy willow. Thread each chun "vertex" with red string (those for sewing clothes one will do) and hang them on your pussy willow! =)

Other stuff you can make. Find ang bao paper with nice fu word. cut out 3 and stick together to form a 3-D ornament. i found some orange ones which made it look like a little tangerine =) thread it so that the fu is upside down then fu will come! hahaha

k, the ones below are a bit too difficult i also forgot how to fold le LOL they're goldfish =)

enjoy! =) i keep them in a box and re-cycle the following year. these ornaments have been used for quite a few years le LOL

Cool Japan Tour Sites

coolio... will try the geiko/maiko one =D

meet and photograph a geiko/maiko

kyoto cultural experience

kyoto culture

golly, i miss Japan already =D

Friday, 12 February 2010

New Year Greetings

that day after facial, at the door...

me: happy new year ha! wish you 生意興隆!(good business)
beautician: same to you, wish you 早生貴子!(early birth precious child)
me: AAAHH!! i don't want! can wish me something else???
beautician: ok ok, hahaha wish you 步步高升!(step step high rise)
me: that's better =)

ah yo, don't say to me 早生貴子 (early birth precious child) ha! i will get angry don't friend you one ah -.- we have been married for 7 years 早生 what 貴子??

one thing i HATE (as in REALLY HATE!!!) about CNY is people asking us "when's our turn (to have kids)?"

i guess unmarried people feel that too. thing about you-see-only-once-a-year relatives is that they like to ask questions:

where's you girl/boyfriend? (when you're single n available)
when you getting married? (when you're single and attached)
when you having kids? (when you're married and childless)
when you having second one? (when you're married with one kid)

they just have nothing to ask but need to ask something so we just hehehe =D and act blur lor... -.-

Thursday, 11 February 2010

My Husband Says The Darnest Things

that day my office engaged some martial arts exponent to teach us self defense moves...

me: wa dear, my office got this martial arts exponent to teach us self defense neh... he is impressive man!
chris: is it? *skeptical*
me: ya! he is trained in the Israeli military forces type of kungfu one neh...
chris: oh? so is his name ZOHAN?
me: -_________________-||| *speechless*

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pirate Fined

Did you guys read this? So scary...

one aussie kena fined AUD$1.5m for "illegally copying and uploading a pre-release version of a popular game. James Burt, 24 from Brisbane, received an early copy of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros Wii and made it available for download from a website, which has since been shut down. As a result of his actions the Federal Court ordered Burt to pay Nintendo $1.5m in damages and also cover the $100,000 in court costs." The Daily Telegraph

readnthe full story here.

Wa... i am curious how he managed to get a copy before the release date... that's what happens when companies don't release a product on the same date worldwide... some people are anxious cannot wait so this happens... $1.5m... that's super ouch la... can buy condo in singapore liao.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai

hahaha, we got some free ang baos from west n claire's food supplier but there's a mistake on the ang bao...

can you guys spot the mistake? =)

haiz... chinese new year is here again... tiger year... so fast next year rabbit year le >.<

spring cleaning is a very tiring affair but i'm thankful i'm kinda done =P actually some of these things i do more than once a year but it's just that now, they all have to be done almost at the same time so it's tiring =PPP

clean windows - check
clean all the glass in the house - check
pack wardrobe - check
pack kitchen cabinets - check
pack shoe cabinet - check
pack bomb shelter aka store room - check
suck mattress, couch etc. - check

and that's on top of the regular weekly chores:

suck floor
change pond water
clean toilets
doing laundry


i'm more or less done... except chris' study *look at chris* he packed the stuff but he didn't remove everything and wipe the shelves. i know because when i move the books, i can see the dust mark -.-

tsk tsk tsk

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Movie Review: 14 Blades (3.5*)

1* for sizzling hot Wu Zun... pretty face + bandit get-up + nice abs = HOT HOT HOT
1* for Donnie Yen, his tatoo-ed hot bod (wow... he really beefed up), reggae 'do and fighting
1* for Donnie Yen's cool "weapon box"
0.5* for the plot

there's the useless bum of an emperor who neglects matters of the state and lives a life of debauchery by engaging in fornication. there's the covetous uncle of the emperor (Sammo Hung) who plans to usurp the throne. there's the evil chief eunuch who colludes with sammo to stage a revolt. Donnie yen is the hero who will save the day (and the country). However, tricked by the castrated goon and betrayed by a fellow guard in the fraternity (singaporean actor 715), he is reduced to a wanted criminal. Yet, he is determined to intercept the imperial seal before it reaches the hands of Sammo or the chief eunuch. Along the way, he meets vicky zhao whose father owns a delivery business (kinda like our Fedex... "At Fedex, we deliver") which he was going to terminate but takes on donnie's case as his last deal. Donnie and Vicky fall in love but because she is engaged to be married, donnie, a gentleman, didn't lay his hands on her. so, sorry guys, no sex, no muak muak. but cheekopehs don't fret, there's a sexy girl, the foster daughter of Sammo, who goes by the name of "strip strip" played by i donno her name (the same actress who played the bad daughter of Sa Yee in the HK mooncake drama 家好月圓). in the course of carrying out his task, donnie also meets sizzling hot wu zun, a desert bandit (that's why he is soooo hot... psssss....), and they kinda become friends.

yeah, that's the rough sketch of what's up... i was bored cos the whole show is just fight fight fight fight fight... i fight you, you fight me, we fight everybody... zzz... there was no chemistry between donnie and vicky... their "romance" was quite painful to watch... and in the end, the heroes die -.-

Thank goodness i caught Hachiko last week -.-

i'm looking forward to True Legend by Vincent Zhao because i like him and Zhou Xun. Vincent is handsome and can fight so that's uber hot siah... psssss.... and he doesn't look awkward in romantic scenes (jackie and donnie look awkward in romantic scenes la... jet li is good in huang fei hong with 13th aunt as well as fang shi yu... but other that these, he also looks awkward) at least zhou xun and vincent have good chemistry... i find zhou xun REALLY pretty =) i like her... yeah... looks good. and got michelle yeoh who i respect cos she does her own stunts and of cos, jay chou who i believe sang the theme song. woot! nice!

Saturday, 6 February 2010


Talking about Stomp, Ah yo, what is this world coming to??? gin nahs these days are so open-minded!!! tsk tsk tsk... recently two stories on Stomp reported that two Poly girls posed topless on the internet. the first is a girl who posted an ad with her own topless picture, seeking a "sugar daddy" *slap forehead* and the other posted pictures of her topless self passionately kissing her boyfriend... -.- her boyfriend also v weird right?

haiz... something is very very wrong with these young people... i can't help but worry about the future of singapore when i read such stories...

Friday, 5 February 2010


occasionally, we smell pee smell at our void deck and we've thought that it's the neighbourhood stray cats but yesterday, chris saw something that really peeved him. he saw a mother allowing her son to pee near the void deck into the drain!!! HWA KAO! in this civilised modern day singapore, i can't believe there are such idiotic uncivilised people!!! Chris said if he was fast enough he would have taken a photo or video and sent it to STOMP... really buay tahan some people one neh... so disgusting...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Home-made Pita Pizza =)

Golly, i've been so super busy lately that i have not been updating my blog so here's a simple pizza recipe using wholemeal pita pockets for busy working people =)

Makes 2


2 wholemeal pita pockets (can be bought from cold storage (not sure if NTUC has...)
2 tbsp of tomato paste (i used del monte)
100g shaved ham
4 white buttons sliced (use more if you like mushrooms... provided it fits the base but don;t stack too high LOL)
1 tbsp sliced black olives
some chopped onions (opt. you can skip it if you don't like onions but i like the crunch and flavour)
handful of mozarella cheese per pizza (roughly cover ingredients with cheese)
freshly ground black pepper (don;t have freshly ground just shake it in lor... but preferably black pepper ha), salt to taste
drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
Warning: the quantities are estimations. if you like that ingredient, you can add more. if you dislike it, you can skip it. it's quite free and easy. you can even change the ingredients. the most important are the tomato paste spread and the mozarella cheese topping.

spread tomato paste evenly on the pita. Add ham, mushrooms, onions, olives and top with cheese. sprinkle salt (i didn't la, cos i feel that the ham is very giam already) and pepper. drizzle EVOO.

bake at 220 deg C for 10-12 mins. serve immediately.

this can be prepared the night before. what i do is i wrap it with baking paper and place it in the fridge. then i bring it to the office and bake it in the pantry oven using the baking paper it was wrapped in to line the tray and viola! freshly baked pizza!! and i don't even need to wash the tray! hehehe.

delicious! =)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Coating Chicken

i don't know about you but i used to find coating chicken wings in flour a pain because it gets very messy. well, i've found a very clean and convenient way. I first rinse and trim excess "flabby" skin (reduce intake of fat la) then pat EACH wing dry. the wings have to be DRY otherwise the flour won't stick to it.

then i open a pack of seasoning powder and dump the whole pack into a clean plastic bag.

throw the wings into the bag, hold the open end securely closed and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. then tadah! evenly coated chicken wings, clean hands =)

there'll be some wastage of powder can't be helped unless you want to keep for another time. i think it's enough for about 10-12 midjoint but i usually buy a pack of 8. cover with cling wrap for 30 mins and deep fry (i am too lazy to deep fry so i spray oil and bake at 180 deg C for about 20-25 mins. depends on size of wings la. halfway through turn over and spray oil again then put back into oven. bake too long will be dry hor. bake not enough you can taste the flour so agar agar la hahaha. when you see the oil bubbling and the wings turn golden brown it's about done lor. it's a bit drier and not as juicy as if you deep fry but heck la, that way the kitchen stays clean =P)

if you want it to make sure it tastes good, pls deep fry it.