Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bad Pick-up Line =P

chris is not a fan of children, no matter how cute they are. i rmb him being more interested in scruffy the dog than my nieces when we visited them last time (before scruffy became my in-laws' dog)

That day my girlfriends and their families came and i was in the kitchen while chris was outside "entertaining". he tried to make conversation with one of my girlfriends' kid Sarah...

chris: so.. what subjects do you take?
sarah: o.O???

thing is, sarah is in PRIMARY ONE!!!!

what do you mean "what subjects do you take?" math english chinese science and PE la!!! *slap forehead!*

LOL but my girlfriend's husband encouraged chris and said, "eh, he tried la... at least he tried to make conversation with sarah =)"

hahahaha so funny