Friday, 26 February 2010


tenki wa totemo atsui desu

that's how you say, "weather is damn hot" in japanese...

=PPPPPP do you guys feels it??? it's been so super hot that i'm practically soaked through... and mind you, there are still people (like me) who work in non air-con environments >.<||| yeah, although my office is air-conditioned, my work "habitat" is only partially equipped with air-con so if you suay suay, you will kena the non air con venue AAAHHHH!!!! i constantly worry about unglam sweat stains >.<

and it doesn't help that the office is freakin cold then when you step out it's freakin hot and you walk in walk out everyday... it's a matter of time before we fall sick. what makes it worse is the burnt smell in the air and the haze... super bad for health =PPP

i don't want to imagine how it will be like when my nieces grow up... the world temperature is climbing. i don't remember it ever being so unbearably hot when i was young.

about two weeks ago, the heatwave in brazil killed 32 elderly.... read more here. so scary... better drink more water cos heatstroke is no joke er, can die one.