Saturday, 13 February 2010

Chinese New Year Decor

I don't really buy Chinese New Year decor because i prefer to make them myself. See the 福 fu (prosperity) on a fish on the wall? I printed out the picture from the internet and cut it with a penknife =)

Here's how you can make a 3-D 春 chun (Chinese character for "spring")

i tried to draw a pictorial explanation so hope it's clearer hahaha

First, cut a square piece of ang bao paper. Usually i just use the front piece and cut out a square (it's usually a rectangle right?) the back piece cannot be used. using ang bao paper is nice because it has designs.

1. Make fold lines as shown. You should put the paper with the white side facing you then fold the diagonal. when you fold the diagonal, you should see the red side.
2. Turn over the paper so that the red side faces you and make fold lines as shown.
3. Gather the step 2 lines and you should get this shape with 4 "petals"
4. Fold all the petals to one side to form a right angled triangle.
5. Follow the pattern and cut away all the black parts.
6. Open up your chun.

You should get a 3-D cut out with 4-faces, each with a chun.

Repeat steps 1-6 as many times as you need (with different coloured ang bao paper... i used red and gold. actually pink and orange will be nice too ^^) to decorate your pussy willow. Thread each chun "vertex" with red string (those for sewing clothes one will do) and hang them on your pussy willow! =)

Other stuff you can make. Find ang bao paper with nice fu word. cut out 3 and stick together to form a 3-D ornament. i found some orange ones which made it look like a little tangerine =) thread it so that the fu is upside down then fu will come! hahaha

k, the ones below are a bit too difficult i also forgot how to fold le LOL they're goldfish =)

enjoy! =) i keep them in a box and re-cycle the following year. these ornaments have been used for quite a few years le LOL