Monday, 1 February 2010

Coating Chicken

i don't know about you but i used to find coating chicken wings in flour a pain because it gets very messy. well, i've found a very clean and convenient way. I first rinse and trim excess "flabby" skin (reduce intake of fat la) then pat EACH wing dry. the wings have to be DRY otherwise the flour won't stick to it.

then i open a pack of seasoning powder and dump the whole pack into a clean plastic bag.

throw the wings into the bag, hold the open end securely closed and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. then tadah! evenly coated chicken wings, clean hands =)

there'll be some wastage of powder can't be helped unless you want to keep for another time. i think it's enough for about 10-12 midjoint but i usually buy a pack of 8. cover with cling wrap for 30 mins and deep fry (i am too lazy to deep fry so i spray oil and bake at 180 deg C for about 20-25 mins. depends on size of wings la. halfway through turn over and spray oil again then put back into oven. bake too long will be dry hor. bake not enough you can taste the flour so agar agar la hahaha. when you see the oil bubbling and the wings turn golden brown it's about done lor. it's a bit drier and not as juicy as if you deep fry but heck la, that way the kitchen stays clean =P)

if you want it to make sure it tastes good, pls deep fry it.