Monday, 22 February 2010

Food Review: Tian Tian Chicken Rice (4.5*)

i better start blogging about hawker food because my colleagues seem to think i am v high class. pochacco says i always blog about food i eat that cost a lot LOL eh, i feel so misunderstood... i am a heartlander neh. i live in a HDB flat in a heartland... an ulu heartland somemore hahaha. well, when i commented that i don't like to eat in food courts, my colleagues were like, "o.O??? then you always eat in restaurants??" see, once again, i have been misunderstood tsk tsk tsk... we are civil servants who live in HDB flats tsk tsk tsk... what i meant was we would rather eat in hawker centres such as maxwell or bedok food centre cos we think most food court food sucks (with the exception of maybe yu kee, koh kee and a handful of others). we also like hock lam beef and beach road prawn mee that kind of eateries.

so anyway, after church we wanted to eat at our usual teochew porridge place (think pig's trotters... =DD) at maxwell but it was closed so we had tian tian chicken rice instead. the Q was super long la... but we felt it was worth the wait cos the chicken meat was succulent, tender and delicous and the rice very flavourful. the chilli complemented the meat very well. at $18 for two portions of chicken hind (drums + the thigh), veg and rice, it's much cheaper than boon tong kee. i don't like boon tong kee's "ang mo" look now, with pyramide-shaped rice, black table cloth and ferrero rocher -.- i think ferrero rocher after chicken rice is sooooo salah!!

oh, we had five star chicken rice on CNY 1st day opp beauty world and the meat was so tough >.< yuck!

so here's what we ordered from tian tian

and what's left =P only left the xiao bai cai stem bottoms