Saturday, 20 February 2010

Geylang East Home For the Aged

my company is big on community outreach so on fri, my whole company stopped work so that all staff can go and do some community work. my dept chose geylang east home for the aged and although we were really sincere in going there to enrich their lives, we were really too busy to rehearse our "programme" =P so we were a little "kalang kabok" and impromptu but it was still a very enriching time for us and we hope the residents and day care old folks had fun =)

i was supposed to be emcee cum solo performer but the night before, my throat hurt quite bad so i swallowed (like zoe tay) a satchet of pearl powder. in the morning, it didn't get better. in fact, my sinuses were inflamed too so i swallowed another satchet of pearl powder >.< i tried to practise teresa teng's "the moon represents my heart" and "sweet honey honey" in the car but my voice was a bit blocked... and my sinuses from my right eye down to the tip of my nose were burning >.<

so anyway, i kinda endured and still sang... heng ah, their sound system was not v good and there were enough overly-enthu uncles who loved to sing so i gladly passed them the mic =D somehow in the middle of it all, i forgot i was in pain until the whole event ended and i went back to sit in my car... i felt my sinuses throbbing again.

here're some pics (i'm too tired to edit, sorry -.-) i took when i was not emcee-ing and singing.

yvonne and uncle

meiling chatting with aunties

vincent serving fruit =)

june helping to distribute yusheng

hui mien trying to persuade old man (who refuses to eat) to eat

when the staff of the home saw hui mein feeding the uncle, she told the uncle, "uncle, cannot feed ha. no one should be served here. you cannot depend on others, you must learn to depend on yourself." which surprised us but we learnt something. at the home, they teach the old folks to be independent so these old uncles and aunties follow some programme everyday and at meal times, they'd just report and sit at their assigned seats for the meal. when they're done, they'd bring the trays to the wash area. very systematic.

i also learnt that lime green polo tee is a very bad idea for photos >.< and worse when you have a MASS of lime green polo tees... as shown below in the korean restaurant we went to for lunch. the yellow wall didn't help =P

the set meal people look ghastly LOL i think the buffet people looked better (i mean colour-wise... don't be so sensitive k?)