Monday, 8 February 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai

hahaha, we got some free ang baos from west n claire's food supplier but there's a mistake on the ang bao...

can you guys spot the mistake? =)

haiz... chinese new year is here again... tiger year... so fast next year rabbit year le >.<

spring cleaning is a very tiring affair but i'm thankful i'm kinda done =P actually some of these things i do more than once a year but it's just that now, they all have to be done almost at the same time so it's tiring =PPP

clean windows - check
clean all the glass in the house - check
pack wardrobe - check
pack kitchen cabinets - check
pack shoe cabinet - check
pack bomb shelter aka store room - check
suck mattress, couch etc. - check

and that's on top of the regular weekly chores:

suck floor
change pond water
clean toilets
doing laundry


i'm more or less done... except chris' study *look at chris* he packed the stuff but he didn't remove everything and wipe the shelves. i know because when i move the books, i can see the dust mark -.-

tsk tsk tsk