Sunday, 7 February 2010

Movie Review: 14 Blades (3.5*)

1* for sizzling hot Wu Zun... pretty face + bandit get-up + nice abs = HOT HOT HOT
1* for Donnie Yen, his tatoo-ed hot bod (wow... he really beefed up), reggae 'do and fighting
1* for Donnie Yen's cool "weapon box"
0.5* for the plot

there's the useless bum of an emperor who neglects matters of the state and lives a life of debauchery by engaging in fornication. there's the covetous uncle of the emperor (Sammo Hung) who plans to usurp the throne. there's the evil chief eunuch who colludes with sammo to stage a revolt. Donnie yen is the hero who will save the day (and the country). However, tricked by the castrated goon and betrayed by a fellow guard in the fraternity (singaporean actor 715), he is reduced to a wanted criminal. Yet, he is determined to intercept the imperial seal before it reaches the hands of Sammo or the chief eunuch. Along the way, he meets vicky zhao whose father owns a delivery business (kinda like our Fedex... "At Fedex, we deliver") which he was going to terminate but takes on donnie's case as his last deal. Donnie and Vicky fall in love but because she is engaged to be married, donnie, a gentleman, didn't lay his hands on her. so, sorry guys, no sex, no muak muak. but cheekopehs don't fret, there's a sexy girl, the foster daughter of Sammo, who goes by the name of "strip strip" played by i donno her name (the same actress who played the bad daughter of Sa Yee in the HK mooncake drama 家好月圓). in the course of carrying out his task, donnie also meets sizzling hot wu zun, a desert bandit (that's why he is soooo hot... psssss....), and they kinda become friends.

yeah, that's the rough sketch of what's up... i was bored cos the whole show is just fight fight fight fight fight... i fight you, you fight me, we fight everybody... zzz... there was no chemistry between donnie and vicky... their "romance" was quite painful to watch... and in the end, the heroes die -.-

Thank goodness i caught Hachiko last week -.-

i'm looking forward to True Legend by Vincent Zhao because i like him and Zhou Xun. Vincent is handsome and can fight so that's uber hot siah... psssss.... and he doesn't look awkward in romantic scenes (jackie and donnie look awkward in romantic scenes la... jet li is good in huang fei hong with 13th aunt as well as fang shi yu... but other that these, he also looks awkward) at least zhou xun and vincent have good chemistry... i find zhou xun REALLY pretty =) i like her... yeah... looks good. and got michelle yeoh who i respect cos she does her own stunts and of cos, jay chou who i believe sang the theme song. woot! nice!