Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Movie Review: True Legend (4*)

Although the plot felt disjoint into two parts, i found the story engaging and fight sequences splendid (but there were times i had to watch them through the gaps between my fingers cos they were too violent for me). Vincent Zhao's moves are really swift and smooth which i like and the romance between Zhou Xun (whom i think is the prettiest China actress) and him is very sweet. It's a great couple movie - fighting for the guy, romance for the girl =) I cried buckets when Su wanted to give his son away to his friend because he could not take care of him... it was torrents of tears and continuous nose-blowing *sobs* Half a packet of tissue gone... same for the aunty beside me... she was blowing her nose away too... The bad guy Andy On was scary >.< so pale must be never drink yomeishu.

Worth watching especially if you like Vincent Zhao.