Friday, 12 February 2010

New Year Greetings

that day after facial, at the door...

me: happy new year ha! wish you 生意興隆!(good business)
beautician: same to you, wish you 早生貴子!(early birth precious child)
me: AAAHH!! i don't want! can wish me something else???
beautician: ok ok, hahaha wish you 步步高升!(step step high rise)
me: that's better =)

ah yo, don't say to me 早生貴子 (early birth precious child) ha! i will get angry don't friend you one ah -.- we have been married for 7 years 早生 what 貴子??

one thing i HATE (as in REALLY HATE!!!) about CNY is people asking us "when's our turn (to have kids)?"

i guess unmarried people feel that too. thing about you-see-only-once-a-year relatives is that they like to ask questions:

where's you girl/boyfriend? (when you're single n available)
when you getting married? (when you're single and attached)
when you having kids? (when you're married and childless)
when you having second one? (when you're married with one kid)

they just have nothing to ask but need to ask something so we just hehehe =D and act blur lor... -.-