Thursday, 18 February 2010


i am super tired but i am waiting for chris to vacate his PC so that i can use it for work... so may as well blabber a little on my blog

despite my appearance, i am an old-fashioned person... i am one of those who still sleep with ang baos under my pillow for 15 days of the lunar new year because it makes me feel loved by my family. these ang baos are given by my mummy, mum-in-law, chris' ah ma and chris =) and on the 15th day, i will cook 湯圓 tang yuan (glutinous rice balls) and eat them with chris. after that i will happily unwrap the ang baos and =DDD

i must spring-clean the house before new year and put up CNY decor in and outside the house. i like to wear traditional cheongsam for visitations and i make chris wear the guy version too hahaha.

as the society progresses, i think it's important for us to continue with these traditions so that the next generation can follow them...

oh but wait, we have no kids! what next generation??

haha, but still, i think it's nice to follow tradition unless it's against my religious beliefs... yeah, i am an old-fashioned cheenapok at heart =)