Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pirate Fined

Did you guys read this? So scary...

one aussie kena fined AUD$1.5m for "illegally copying and uploading a pre-release version of a popular game. James Burt, 24 from Brisbane, received an early copy of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros Wii and made it available for download from a website, which has since been shut down. As a result of his actions the Federal Court ordered Burt to pay Nintendo $1.5m in damages and also cover the $100,000 in court costs." The Daily Telegraph

readnthe full story here.

Wa... i am curious how he managed to get a copy before the release date... that's what happens when companies don't release a product on the same date worldwide... some people are anxious cannot wait so this happens... $1.5m... that's super ouch la... can buy condo in singapore liao.