Monday, 15 February 2010

Wink Of An Eye

Golly Golly Golly, children grow up so fast and change so fast as they grow... all my cute cute nephews and nieces (cousins' kids) are all grown up become not cute liao (sec 3 you say cute anot? >.<). my eldest nephew (he is the eldest in his generation, i am the youngest in my generation) is married liao -.- i feel old. when you are served tea by the next generation at weddings, you know age is catching up... that day i met Melvin my nephew at IKEA he botak head cos has to go back for reservist... hehehe.

so i went back to look at my nieces' photos and boy, have they changed!

this is gwyneth about one month after birth (10 May 2008) Gasp, she already had that pout!! hahaha! love her padawan gwyneth jedi get-up hehe

about 2 months old (12 Jun 2008) kirstyn's (left) hair still anti-gravity LOL

CNY 2009 (25 Jan 2009) Gwyn in gold Kir in red

outside Imperial Treasures at Great World City gwyn left kir right (5 Apr 2009)

1 year old birthday (18 Apr 2009) my fav solo pics of the two of them ^^

Random day (5 Oct 2009)

gwyneth and kirstyn this CNY (13 Feb 2010)

before you know it, i'd be drinking their bridal tea and watching a slideshow of these photos at their wedding liaoz hahaha... but first my kor has to screen their boyfriends (which i am sure he is not looking forward to) LOL