Monday, 15 March 2010

Airline Review: Jetstar (1*)

haha, it was our first time taking jetstar and boy, do we regret it hahah... i was the one who persuaded chris (an SQ loyalist) to take it cos it's $200 cheaper per person...

aiyoh, the leg space is sooooooo cramped i think my kor cannot take it. my knees were already almost touching the seat in front, can you imagine my 1.83m kor?? how can??

since it's budget airline, no warm towels, no inflight entertainment and no complimntary F&B. and this chris ha, eat so much... ordered chicken rice $10!!!! $10!!!! for microwaved chicken rice!!!! and coke $3 and peanuts (can't rmb price...) i ordered a sandwich $8 and apple juice $3 and felt heart pain.

and this girl behind us juu juu juu juu juu non-stop >.< and there was a poor toddler who i believe had travel sickness so he was wailing throughout... so poor thing... =(

although the flight was 5.5hrs, it felt much longer and we felt so drained that i fell sick that night... sheesh... thank God i brought my medication along and felt much better the next day.

hm... i don't think chris will want to take jetstar again =P if he can help it. as for me, it depends la, if i am on a shoestring budget, i will lor haha