Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The Day Our Car Got Langahed

We were at tanxiang in taroko gorge and parked the car at the car park in front of silks place hotel to check out the surroundings but on our way back from lunch, we saw a policemen near our car so chris went to kay poh. It turned out that a local guy (about our age) reversed into our car in our absence so the front left side was a little warped. An honest guy, he made a police report and insisted on paying for the damages with his insurance. The funny thing is he was with his Singaporean friend and the friend told us “people usually just chao off but my friend says he cannot do that."

So we went to the tianxiang police station to take down our statement, sign our name and even put thumbprint. The policeman gave us a slip of paper to pass to the car rental company to prove that it's not our fault. The guy offered to speak with the car rental company to explain that it's not our fault. Initially, the rental company wanted us to pay first then reimburse us when they get the payment but the guy insisted that they cannot do that and that he will definitely settle it with his insurance.

We really thank God that the guy who knocked the car is so honest and sincere in helping us and that we happened to come back at just the right time. If we had been back later and missed the commotion, we would not have realised what happened and may have had to pay for the damages because we wouldn't have the police's record. The police even offered to drive us back to our car.

Really thank God. One lesson we learnt is that it's better to take the hotel's day tour in taroko gorge =PP