Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Food Review: Beach Road Prawn Mee (5*)

wa, one of my fav brunch food is the Beach Road Prawn Mee at 370 East Coast Road (i know, it sounds weird... beach road prawn mee at east coast road... haha).

To order, you have to first find a seat then Q and order with your table number... then you sit and wait... and wait... and wait as trays of piping hot noodles that are not yours pass you by, the whiffs of thick broth making you drool... everytime the aunties come out with a tray of noodles, you'd hope it's yours but then it's not -.- it's sheer torture...

but the wait is well worth it. when it finally arrives, the freshly cooked and steaming hot noodles in what i feel is the best prawn essence doesn't even need to seduce you cos you're already so turned on... imagine the kilograms of prawns that went into it... topped with perfectly blanched crunchy beansprouts and fragrant deep-fried LARD pebbles and shaved shallots... AAAAHHHH!!!! as you dig in, you're in ecstacy and completely forget that it's sinful food... you don't think about clogged arteries... you eat now and worry later =D... if you go there early, you'd get a couple of strands of kang kong too (we were late) which adds fibre and makes up for the cholesterol-packed broth (if it makes u feel better).

not a single drop left... shuang...

pls order at least the $8.80 one if you want larger prawns. don't be cheapskate. two bowls plus two cups of home-made barley = $20 nett.