Monday, 1 March 2010

Food Review: Tampopo Kurobuta Kyushu Ramen (5*)

one of my fav japanese food is ramen and the one i eat quite often (like at least once a month) is tampopo's kyushu ramen but i never really managed to take a photo because i usually can't wait to dig in when it's served =D

i like kyushu ramen because of the thick, murky pork bone soup which i think takes about 2 days to boil. flavourful, hot soup is always soothing to the body and soul-lifting for me =) ultimate comfort food =) and i love the 明太子 mentaiko (spicy cod roe, orangey red blob on the left) in the soup. i don't usually like mentaiko on it's own or with anything but it just tastes so good with the pork bone soup =P only kyushu ramen has mentaiko (a specialty of hakata, north of kyushu) you can upgrade your charsiew from normal pork to 黒豚 kurobuta (black pig) charsiew. kurobuta comes from kagoshima which is at the southern tip of kyushu. they are very giam siap one. only ONE slice of charsiew which i will leave to the end to slowly savour =D the beni shoga (red ginger) comes separately but i always add it into the soup (orangey red mass on top left) and eat it with the noodles because it gives an extra punch. and of cos, the EGG!!! while some other restaurants (such as santouka) sell the egg separately, the kyushu ramen here comes with one whole egg =DD WA! i get v v high when i slurp down the gooey egg yolk *smack lips* chris doesn't like it so... teeheehee, i get to eat TWO if we both order ramen =DDD and the black fungus strips are so nice and crunchy =)

v long Q during lunch and dinner and we're usually so desperate we'd just sit at the ramen counter. after that can jalan jalan meidiya =D fantastic!

liang court level 1

i feel hungry already =D