Monday, 22 March 2010

Hotel Review: Fullerton Taipei 315 (4.5*)

Chris stayed at Fullerton Taipei 41 the last time he was there for business trip which is in a better location. It was fully booked so he booked this one instead. This hotel is not near the main activity area in the city centre but neighbouring sights are equally accessible from here by taxi. Taxi in Taiwan is quite cheap, like Singapore prices without the 35% surcharge, so we kinda took taxi most of the time =P Mostly Causasians, Japanese and some Koreans. Just a short walk from here is a food street so meals is not a problem. There's a bank just right next door so getting extra cash is also very convenient.

Breakfast is buffet style with an egg station (sunny-side up, omelette, scrambled). Typical of small boutique hotels, the range is just adequate. The restaurant is cosy and quiet, no noisy tourists like some large-scale hotels.

Complimentary coffee (percolated) and tea with biscuits at the lobby every afternoon.

The room is nice and cosy with all necessary amenities and even fruits. No bathtub though. Grace says most Taiwanese hotels have no bathtubs because they are avid environmentalists. It does have a nice gym with a tiny outdoor garden and Japanese style sauna and public bath (no pictures for obvious reasons). Not much view la... beside a road.

toothbrush and toothpaste
shower gel
body lotion
sewing kit
shower cap
bottled water
cabled internet (free, unlimited)

One of the staff provided really good service. At first joked about his name...

Chris: that guy who handled our luggage has an atas name... ARTHUR! oohh...
me: maybe his name is ah de 阿德??
chris: -.-

turns out that i was right!! LOL his name is really ah de!! ah de would always welcome us back with a warm smile and was always ready to offer suugestions for eating places as well as help hail a cab. On the last day, our flight was 7pm so we had to leave by 4:30 and by the time we reach Singapore, it's midnight so I asked if i could shower at the public bath. The opening hours are actually 4:30 - 7pm for ladies and 7-11pm for men but he opened it specially for me and even asked if i wanted cold water (usually people drink cold water after sauna or hot bath). He wanted to help me turn on the sauna and hot bath but i declined because i didn't want to bother him too much. Such a helpful guy... we gave him a tip before we left.

One of the friendly taxi-drivers recommended us another hotel which we will probably try the next time =)

So overall,
Location -3*
Room - 4.5*
Service - 5*
Amenities - 4.5*
F&B - 4*