Sunday, 7 March 2010

I Love Taiwanese Drama =D

i better start blogging before my kor turns cold turkey and starts foaming from the mouth... LOL

yeah, i love watching taiwanese drama... i don't mean those whose theme song goes "I ask SKY! i ask SKY!" and run for thousands of episodes for years and the plot remains pretty much at the same spot for weeks zzzz...

i mean taiwanese POP IDOL drama. the heartthrob is usually in the form of jerry yen from F4 or some sizzling hot stud from Fahrenheit. the girl is usually some plain jane (or least she is made up to look like one), girl-next-door type fitting perhaps 70% of the demographics of his real life fan base (25% are menopausal obasans, 5% are misc types). he is of cos deliciously gorgeous, super rich and usually very capable (like some group leader, v smart student and very fit athlete or outstanding lawyer). she has humble backgrounds and they're supposed to be worlds apart. BUT!! but but but, he is just hopelessly devoted to her and her only... (ya right...)

comic relief comes in the form of him getting tongue-tied, his "coolness" replaced with teenage goon-ness when professing his love to her as well as moments of near or accidental physical contact such as lips just 1 cm apart and the phone rings or they both trip and fall and they muak!

trials and tribulations are usually in the form of scheming matriachs or unreasonable (and also very handsome) brothers who try ways and means to stop the lovers from being together, some ex-girlfriend who is some drop-dead gorgeous girl or some childhood sweetheart back to rekindle affection.

minor important characters include the girl's BFF, who gives advice and a shoulder to cry on as well as an equally hot guy who is her good friend and confidante... who is always there for her to comfort and console her in her times of need.

the ending is always happy. the rich handsome guy and the plain jane are finally together and everyone's happy... who wants The Little Nonya kind of crappy ending? where after all the difficulties they've gone through they end up NOT together -.- then mediacorp had to make a "separate" ending where they meet at some defunct railway track and talk crap to each other and freak out the audience by talking to the camera *slap forehead* but the good thing is, they learnt from their mistake as can be seen from Together. the ending is so perfect, too good to be true but well, everyone likes happy endings...

so yeah, i like Taiwanese pop idol FANTASY dramas. cos in real life, such things really hardly (or never) happen.