Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Overheard last night over dinner at a restaurant...

Girl: mummy, why is this place called Whitesands?
Mum: Because the building is white.
Girl: but got blue leh...
Mum: ... ???!

aunty, it's cos Whitesands is near the sea, pasir ris beach la! what "building is white"?? cannot like that smoke your daughter one... tsk tsk tsk

sometimes i ask chris silly questions like..

me: dear, how'd you explain to your kid next time if he asks, "Daddy, what is sex?"
chris: i'd say it's a kind of fruit (which metaphorically speaking is not wrong because it's "forbidden fruit" LOL).
me: what if he asks, "i want to eat"?
chris: go and ask mummy...


i guess questions like "what is sex?", "where did i come from?", "how did mei mei/di di get inside mummy's tummy?" all that are really difficult to answer...

i only know silly answers like...

sex ah, mmm... sex can be male or female. so daddy is male, mummy is female =) you are male, mei mei is female. female means girl. male means boy =)


daddy loves mummy very much so one day you appeared inside mummy's tummy


daddy STILL loves mummy very much so mei mei one day appeared inside mummy's tummy


when a boy and a girl hold hands and sleep on the same bed, the girl will get pregnant (from korean drama)


girl cannot swallow guy's saliva otherwise will get pregnant (from stephen chow movie)

sheesh... lousy right? but all the best to those with kids =) there will come a time you have to answer these questions =)