Friday, 26 March 2010

Po Chai Pills

wa... did you guys watch the news last night? po chai pills capsules have been recalled because some of the contents exceeds safe levels...

heng ah, we don't take capsule form. i find the bottled form very effective in combating diarrhoea and i believe many Singaporean Chinese mothers have po chai pills in their medical kits... western medicine either isn't effective or is TOO effective (and you end up ahving constipation >.<)

this reminds me of a funny story... our BS group used to have this ang mo guy and one day he complained about diarrhoea and that the ultra-carbon he has taken is not effective so one of our guys gave him 2 bottles of po chai pills and instructed, "take 2."

the ang mo went back, took the medicine and still didn't get well so he called the guy...

ang mo: hey, din't work man... still havin the runs >.<
guy: did you take 2?
ang mo: yeah i did... so how long after do i take another two?
guy: but i only gave you two...
ang mo: i took 2 [beads]... there're still lots left....
guy: *slap forehead* DUDE! you're supposed to take two BOTTLES!!!

LOL no wonder he didn't get better.

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