Thursday, 4 March 2010

Skews me, You Have a Table for Two?

some people are really kiam pah... last night i had dinner with my goodest bestest friend jiahui to celebrate her birthday. i was wearing my dept polo tee which has the name of my dept stitched on the upper back... while jiahui went to the restroom i went to pick up the bill and then this moron asked me from behind, "Skews me, You Have a Table for Two?"

i o.O? him and he repeated his question, "Do you have a table for two?"

i -.- him and replied, "sorry i'm not the waitress." (although i v much wanted to yell at him, "you cannot READ ah??!!! you moron!") thankfully the waitress told him, "sorry sir, we're full." and he walked away with his girlfriend and the girl looked really embarassed that he made a boo boo. serves him right for not being able to eat there...

what a tweet.

but i still love my dept polo tee... even though my big boss thinks we look like we work at starhub... -.-