Thursday, 4 March 2010

Star-shaped Eggs

I finally had the chance to try my egg-shaper this morning =)

1. place room temperature egg into a pot of water and turn on the fire.

2. once it boils, continue boiling for about 3-4 mins

3. pour away the water, leaving the egg in the pot and add running water to cover the egg. peel the egg while it's hot. dap dry.

4. place egg into mould vertically.

5. close the mould by snapping the clips and keep it in the fridge. the instructions said 5 mins but i put it in for about 30 mins cos i went to brush teeth, wash face and put make-up hahaha.

open, cut into half and take the halves out. TADAH!! star-shaped egg =D so cute =D

apparently in japan there's a hello kitty-shaped one... i so must get that =DDD kawaii!!!