Saturday, 20 March 2010

Taipei Day 5: Imperial Palace Museum (故宫)and Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

After coming back from Taroko Gorge, we had about half a day so we went to the Imperial Palace Museum where some of the most exquisite antiques, paintings and calligraphy are on display. The building itself is very grand but they planted many plants in front of it so in the photos, the building like kena blocked -.- to take a proper pic of this place, you'll need to sit helicopter -.-

very crowded with many tour groups... almost like the lourve in Paris >.<

We had tea at Level 4 of the musuem... looks very pretty with gold leaf even but doesn't taste nice. you're better off just ordering alishan oolong and skip the high tea set =P minimum expenditure of NT$120 per person expected. one pot of tea is about NT$160 (about SGD$8) so it's ok la. nice view and quiet place, no noisy tourists. good break from the crowds =)

Admission to the garden beside the museum is free if you bought the tickets for museum entry so you can go there to jalan jalan abit. Chris bought some fish food to feed the koi and carps =D

Shilin Night Market is the biggest and most famous in Taipei so if you only have time to visit one night market, make it this one. Do steer clear from the stinky beancurd stalls because the stench is so repugnant it will spoil your appetite. It's a cross between garbage and faeces... it's unimaginably smelly.

I like oyster omelette but only eat the egg =P

me: dear, will they think i'm weird if i order and tell them not to put oysters?
chris: you say leh?

so we had teppanyaki =) for less than SGD$20, we had cod fillet, chicken thigh, omelette, prawns and squid with celery, spinach, bean sprouts =) nice =)

I also bought some stuff for my nieces =D hope they can wear the shoes. if not, wa, so sayang...