Sunday, 21 March 2010

Taipei Day 6: Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (中正纪念堂)and Old Chang Beef Noodles (老张牛肉面)

On our last day, we had the morning to walk around so we visited the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (中正纪念堂)which was holding 2 exhibitions: Dinosaurs and Da Vinci, the genius. I liked the Da Vinci exhibition a lot. He was really a genius =) and i learnt something new... i never noticed that Mona Lisa had no eyebrows and eyelashes!! it is probably due to aging of the colours. And for the last supper, did you know that all lines in the room converge towards Jesus? coolz... =)

This is the gate you go through to enter the memorial hall and i like the architecture of the building =)

When i showed Priscilla the pictures, she said she was there a week ago to take wedding pictures! haha... it's become so common for wedding couples to go overseas to take pictures and Taiwan is a popular place because of the nice sights, flowers, architecture and most importantly, affordability. Chris and i are also considering taking photos overseas for our 10th anniversary which is in 2 years ^^ Pris is very cute la, brought the whole family along... her parents and James' parents so it was kinda like a family trip too haha... nice, i like family trips... maybe next year can come here with my kor and mum.

The interior had a slendid display of paper lanterns. I'm not sure whether they're always there or because it was post CNY cum spring.

After viewing the exhibitions, we walked over to Yong Kang Street for some famous beef noodles. The one we went to is the main branch and in it are photos of celebrities such as Fei Ge 菲哥 and Jackie Chan etc who have been to the shop...

I ordered the tomato beef noodles while chris had the spicy variant. i like beef with tomatoes =) because they compliment each other very well... think of bolognaise, lasagne and when cooking beef stew you add tomato paste too right? the noodles tasted handmade, kinda like the you mian at ban mian stalls. The beef was vey tender =D although it came in huge chunks, you can rip it off lightly with your teeth =DD The soup tasted like a thicker version of hock lam beef soup with a tinge of minestrone... nice =) The side dishes were very tasty too. i especially liked the bitter gourd (top left of beef noodle bowl)!! so nice and crunchy i finished one whole plate by myself =P

English Menu available.

Right outside the restaurant was this banner which reads "Jesus said,'I am the way, the truth and the life.'" nice =)