Friday, 12 March 2010

Yakitori =)

hehehe... i haven't had yakitori for some time so i took my goodest bestest friend jiahui to kazu sumiyaki at cuppage plaza for some yakitori on her birthday... we ate soooo much =P we had

5 kinds of ssshimi yums!
snow crab miso soup
tempura assorted seasonal veg
grilled white asparagus
grilled chicken with wasabi, chicken wings, chicken balls (i LOVE the chicken wings!!!!!!!!)
grilled kurobuta steak with miso sauce
grilled kurobuta pork cheeks with apple
grilled bacon with prawn, scallop, enoki
grilled shiitake
grilled ginko nuts (i love this!)
grilled wagyu with enoki
grilled sweet potato with BUTTER (WA, this is REALLY nice!)
yuzu sherbet