Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ler Gio Simi?

means "What are you called (by)?" which is basically, "What is your name?" in hokkien

Golly... we saw this pamphlet chucked between the groove of the gate hinge ( we get lots of these) and i usually just dump them but i couldn't help but take a second look at this person's name: CASSINO -.-???!!!

firstly, this person cannot spell. secondly, what a weird name!! what kind of name is this?? does he like to gamble? or is he riding on the IR wave? or what? and i wonder if his parents gave him that name... i think i will serious be very upset with my parents if they named me Cassino... and i wonder if he has siblings called Roullette, Jackkpot or Pokker -.-

talking about names... i was told by someone that her grandpa or father (can't rmb) was named 雞屎 (ji1shi3) as in "chicken droppings". yes, i'm not kidding... she said it's cos in the past, in rural areas, people believed that the more horrible and bad-sounding your name is, the better your life will be (as in you will have more blessings)... hm... wonder what he would have been called if his surname is 牛 niu(cow)...

in recent years, i see more and more unique names such as Cheyenne. you try to pronounce see see... is it Chay Yen? or Chay Yenni? all wrong!... it's SHAIYEN! there are also more names with unique spellings *look at my brother* such as Remund (as opposed to Raymond) and Kirstyn (Kirsten)... my colleague asked me, "how you pronounce your nieces' names ha?" my mum just can't get it... and it doesn't help that they're identical hahaha... she calls them by their chinese names. for older people, even simple names like Melvin can become "mare bin" LOL

and in Singapore, when you give your kid a name, you better read it in all the major dialects to ensure that it doesn't sound profane otherwise the poor kid will be laughed at from primary school through to NS. hahaha...