Monday, 12 April 2010

Liao Lui

in hokkien means "waste money"

this morning in the car...

chris: dear, i-phone 4 coming neh... you should upgrade yours
me: er... i don't need another i-phone -.-
chris: but dear, your i-phone is almost TWO years old!!!!
me: that's fine by me... i just need to call, SMS, MMS, FB and take photos and videos...
chris: but it's outdated!
me: -.- don't waste money la... i don't need...
chris: but but but must have the latest teknologi!
me: why don't you buy me an L lens instead?
chris: -______-||| i think you're the only girl your husband wants to buy new phone for you, you ask for a lens... -.-

v liao lui one neh... my phone nothing wrong change for what? i don't mind L lens though hahaha