Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Makubuku Puro

is probably how you pronounce Macbook Pro with a japanese accent =D

yeah, my new baby has just arrived =D actually i rushed home on monday to wait for its delivery but the diao -.- DHL person delivered it at 1249pm!!! of course no one was home then so i had to call them to re-schedule...

operator: is it a package from china?
me: er no... it's supposed to be from america
operator: no m'dm, it says here that it's from china...
me: hm... but it's an american company... oh well, ok.

chris told me that MBP is assembled in china... o... k... -.-

anyway, now i'm typing very carefully because it's so new... and i haven't bought a protective shield yet so must be gentle =D new MBP's name is BREE, after one of the desperate housewives, the elegant one who can cook very well =D just like the MBP 13" which is very elegant, efficient and powerful =D