Tuesday, 6 April 2010


hm... lately (actually not lately la, it's been a while le) i have been feeling that my MBA is a bit slow, laggy and cannot support my bulk of photos, editing and especially presentations, video etc. it's painful >.<

so i complained to chris and he suggested that i buy the MBP 13" because compared to a new MBA, for a cheaper price, i can get better specs on a MBP. but the MBP 13" is much heavier than MBA. MBA is slim and sexeh... haiz... but i bopian... so gotta trade sleek slimness for MBP's practicality.

i guess MBA is like your hot girlfriend and MBP 13" is like your faithful wife ba... hm...

but sianz, whole singapore out of stock neh. i don't believe this. singaporeans v copy cat one neh... i buy MBP they also want to buy... TSK!