Monday, 5 April 2010

Siao Ah!

Bishan maisonette sold for $900,000. Read more.

This is MADNESS! it's insane!!! for a HDB flat??? -.-

i was also told that an indonesian Chinese bought 20 units of astuary at Yishun. yes, i didn't type wrongly... TWENTY. hwa kao! machiam like buy eggs... er hello, gimme 20... i don't even buy eggs in 20s -.-

last time a friend told me she knows of a tai tai who upon hearing that a cluster of bungalows are selling for $1.5m each exclaimed, "so cheap!! give me 2!"


what's with these people ha? and here i was trying to save $200 by taking jetstar to taiwan and suffering the discomfort of clausphobia -.-

you know who are the most affected one anot? those genuine young couple buyers who are not poor enough to buy new HDB flat (cos combined income > $8k) but not rich enough to buy condo. with such resale market, they're really cham... haiz.

i don't want to think how much housing will cost when my nieces have to buy a house... tsk tsk tsk