Sunday, 11 April 2010

Staying Current

If you don't know some modern lingo, you'd be considered very "out" by the younger generation... here are some i have picked up:

CMI - cannot make it: means "not up to mark"

Example: The restaurant's service is very cmi! =(

GG - good game: means "that's it!" or "die" or "gone case"

Example: I din study for my test neh, GG liao.

HTHT - heart to heart talk: means "heart to heart talk" la!! i.e. tête-à-tête

Example: During the camp, they had a HTHT or Let's have a HTHT!! *girly excitement*

BHB - buay hiao bai: means: "no sense of shame" basically saying someone is not humble, used to describe someone who overtly praises oneself

Example: He is very BHB one neh, always say he is most hamson.

Pao Toh - to tell on [someone]

Example: You pao toh me! told teacher i cheat in test!

Tai Koh - by luck

Example: *someone shoots in a 3-pointer in basketball* ai ya, he tai koh one la

imba - imbalanced: means "elite, awesome, the best, unbeatable"

Example: His singing is imba, man.

Got any more? share leh? need to stay current, if not they will say got generation gap...