Saturday, 17 April 2010

Boys vs Men

My bento buddy (BB) likes everything korean and japanese (she can speak both la)... so last night she was giving us an update of the korean music scene... apparently the wondergirls is old news le, now the newest is the SUPERJUNIOR-M which is a spin-off from the successful SUPERJUNIOR (which i have never heard of -.-)

basically, they get a couple of average-looking (i don't find them exceptionally good looking leh) boys, give them a make-over, teach them some cool dance moves (which of cos in the first place they must be able to execute i suppose... so those with two left feet need not apply la) to some addictive tune then mass market them and they'll rise to stardom.

following the popularity of superjunior, they came up with superjunior-M to break into the chinese (taiwanese) market. everything is the same except that they're koreans who sing in MANDARIN (hence the M) in my opinion, quite painful to watch >.< firstly, the verses are monotonous, secondly, their diction, thirdly the techno music =P

they look more like geen nahs to me neh...

i prefer older guys like takeshi kaneshiro (37), face of clarins

takuya kimura (38), father of two

lee byung hyung (40) and his hot bod

jerry yen (33) and his dimples (he is looking cool here)

josh harnett (31) and his mesmerising eyes

even george clooney (49)... hahaha

these are real MEN... i think they look better as they age cos they have more charisma

oh, but i like zac efron after watching him in "17 again" in which he was a 37-year-old trapped in a 17-year-old body... k, i guess that's still considered older men LOL