Sunday, 18 April 2010

Thank You Speech

On weekends when i need to sing in church (sat 5pm, sun 0930 and 1130), chris will offer to help me clean up the house. like children, husbands need constant encouragement, recognition and assurance...

me: thanks dear, you are a very good husband ^^
chris: 世界いち (sekai ichi) ah?? (world no. 1)
me: yeah, sekai ichi!

then he'd start his thank you speech... LOL
chris: 謝謝你給於我的肯定和支持!謝謝你給我這個機會得這個奬,我會努力的! (thanks for your recognition and support! thanks for giving me the opportunity to win this award! I will continue to work hard!) ^^

-.-??? i wonder where he learnt the lines from... and he'd say it with some HK accent... LOL