Friday, 28 May 2010

Are Your Eggs Ready?

men, you can skip this post hahaha

golly... i learnt something really incredible today. i was watching some medical programme on TV and apparently, some women can FEEL themselves ovulating and i think i may be one of these women. They say it feels like menstrual cramps cos your eggs get released. The gynae in the programme used the word "burst out" so that's what those PRE-menstrual cramps were!! i get pre-menstrual cramps. it's just a slight discomfort for a couple of mins. so if you're like me and can FEEL yourself ovulating, they say it's best to "do it" within 2 days if you want to increase the chances of getting pregnant. what great news... that means i better avoid hahaha...

golly... i also feel a whole host of other symptoms. other than bodily changes (you don't need to know which part changes), i get exceptionally sensitive and irritable and can cry v easily, like when scolding people or watching spiderman. yes, totally. i was watching spidey 3 (which i recorded) and i cried when MJ broke peter's heart. i also cried watching The Tudors when Queen Catherine died. and that day, i scolded a group of "qian bian" people until i felt my tears almost gush out...

sad thing is, after being married to me for almost 8 years, chris hasn't picked up these "signals" (that's after about 90 cycles) -.- and that's not counting the number of years we dated... -.-

can't blame him la, if he can't find the butter in the fridge, what makes you think he can pick up these signals? LOL