Saturday, 29 May 2010

BBB Virus

Haiz... once you get into photography, you will tio a virus called BBB virus. it's buy buy buy virus.

you start off with the entry model and are happy...

then after a while, you get bored and begin to feel you NEED better equipment. the better lens seduces and entices you. your fellow photographer friends and colleagues encourage you.

so you upgrade your lens and ditch the kit. and you buy more other lens.

then you feel bored again because they come up with a new body. beautiful, full and with stunning features.

so you upgrade the body.

then you begin to feel that the lens you bought is not good enough.

so you need a better lens.

and it doesn't help if you are a female photographer who also needs nice bags, pretty shoes and good skincare and make-up -.- i mean, guys can wear cheap ugly shoes and they don't carry bags, wash their face with soap and then scrub dry with the towel that they use to clean their asses with 1 min ago.

tis tough being a female photographer. you need to be VERY rich, which i am not cos i should have been a doc but i am not. or maybe i should have become a celebrity (actress or singer) then maybe can be canon or nikon spokesperson. or endorse some skincare range. then ho say liao. haiz... sadz

my nieces must choose their career paths wisely. don't follow daddy, mummy n gugu's footsteps.