Thursday, 27 May 2010


means "buy more save more"

chris thinks i have very warped financial sense... he will NEVER trust me with the financial planning for the family. while i am a good prime minister and minister for home (domestic chores, family festivities planning) and foreign (travel planning) affairs, he is the president and minister for finance.

me: wa dear, Euros dropped a lot neh...
chris: yeah
me: sheesh, we should have book trip to europe instead! tsk!
chris: >.>
me: imagine the amount i will SAVE buying chanel and prada!!
chris: >.<
me: i mean, from 2.5 dropped to 1.7+ neh!! so if a buy two bags which cost Euro1500, wa! i will save SGD$2000+!!!! WA!!!
chris: -.- dear... if you don't buy, you will save even more... -_______-|||