Monday, 17 May 2010

Duped 5 Times

TNP ran a story about a Mr Ahmad who got scammed FIVE times in 6 months and lost a total of $50,000. Mr Ahmad, the sole breadwinner of his family, earns almost $3000 a month and has SEVEN kids aged 15 to 27. His eldest kid is jobless, second kid is working part-time while pursuing a degree, the rest are still in school. Despite the fact that their electricity has been cut due to arrears and that he has chalked up $24,000 worth of credit card bills by maxing out 4 cards, Mr Ahmad is still adamant that he will get his money back from the latest "scheme". He said, "I thought that if I can earn $1 million from commisions in some of these schemes..." *slap forehead*

The scams all sound vaguely similar... people with large amounts of money who need help to transfer the money out of an account *yawns* and the person (or rather, dumbo) who helps them will get a cut of the money. The percentages quoted are unbelievably high e.g. 20%

One of the scams goes like this:
A man claiming to be a political exile of Benin needs help to transfer US$6m out of an account in Switzerland into Indonesia. The person helping him will get a commision of 30% of his wealth but he has to first pay UD$8525 in "handling fees" for customs to clear the money.

30% of his wealth??? -.- isn't that too good to be true for not doing anything?? hello??? use your brains... actually, use backside to think also know it's a scam la... the guy doesn't know you... why would he part with 30% of his WEALTH to you just for doing something like that. even so, aren't you suspicious about the origins of the money??

is he dumb or is he dumb??

haiz... my conclusions:
1. stupidity + greed is a perfect recipe for disaster...
2. if it's too good to be true, it is.