Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mothers' Day Everyday...

Golly, this is really embarrassing... i wrote a card to my MIL and since she is a retired chinese teacher, i decided to add in some chinese to make it more meaningful for her. i wrote "wishing you a happy mothers' day"

but somehow i felt something was not right... it's like you spell a word wrongly and it just looks weird... ya, that was how i felt... so i asked chris...

me: eh dear, something doesn't look right...
chris: >.> *glance at card* O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!! wait wait wait.... let me take a picture!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ROFL i must have proof!!
me: what? -.-

end up i had to rewrite la... sheesh, too long never write in chinese le... should have used computer or SMS to check first.

this is the photo chris took

heng ah... if my MIL sees this don't know whether she will laugh or cry... hahahah