Friday, 7 May 2010

The Heat Is On (II)

With this heat, you really don't need a water heater cos the water that comes out from the tap is WARM >.<

i placed my cough syrup on the table beside the window and this morning when i took it, it was WARM

and i'm sure my goldfish feel v v warm in the warm pond water >.<

sheesh... *wipe sweat*

the most effective flu remedy for me is SDP: Sleep, Drink, Pee. yes, sleep a lot, drink a lot and pee a lot. after the morning dose of medication, i went back to zzz... i always ask the doc for medicine that will "knock me out" because the non-drowsy types make me O.O can't sleep >.<

and somehow, i feel that everytime i pee, some of the "heatiness" comes out hahaha...

hope i will get better for Mothers' Day Celebration this weekend.... got a lunch and a dinner to catch